Colorful Fabrics

Basic Info

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, Elon Musk's hometown. 


Growing up we moved a few times across South Africa, experiencing a beautiful range of cultures all from my back door. This showed me from an early age the beauty of humanity and fueled my passion for unity in diversity.


I have always gravitated towards vibrant colour and bold fashion, designing & creating my own outfits as a child, often to the irritation of my mother.


"Manifestations of Colour"

Tanzinne grew up in South Africa during the tumultuous yet formative years that saw South Africa move between apartheid into democracy and freedom for all.

Her work is deeply inspired by diversity and the truth.Her art is a manifestation of the belief that humans have been designed to be the colour and vibrancy in other peoples lives, theophanies filled with colour and life.

Her art could also be seen as a glance into an unseen spiritual realm.

In 2016, Tanzinne relocated to China to explore the abundant opportunities and vast culture that the Middle Kingdom has to offer.

Her art is greatly inspired by the life and color that is found all throughout China, particularly from the scenes of her adopted hometown, Hangzhou and its neighbor Shanghai.

Tanzinne has a varied artistic expression that is poured out through digital illustration, mixed media and collage, she also enjoys experimenting with acrylics in a more abstract form.

Tanzinne’s art is exceptionally unique, diverse and resonant with imagination and color.

Background & Achievements

Self Taught. Creating works Digitally as well as Fluid Art, Contemporary art, Pop Art and Multimedia Collage


Double page spread in CIVA Internationals 2020 publication, 'Voices'.


Fantasyland Exhibit, Hangzhou, May - July 2021


2021 Wholechoice Contemporary International Art Festival, Shanghai, Nov - Dec 2021


"I create from who I am. I create what I see and what I hope to see, as a prayer of thanksgiving and I create in hope."